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Meeting Recordings, Bristol Bay Borough Assembly
Press Play Below to play the Meeting Recording for the Assembly Meeting on June 1, 2020
Recording Length: 3hrs 37mins

Audio will stream to your PC over the internet. File Size: 260 MB (Mp3), 3h:37m

If the above audio player does not work you can download the file to your computer to play back from your PCs media player:
Month  Recording Notes  Recording
 April 1, 2019    Download (103MB) Mp3
 April 25, 2019, Special Meeting  Board of Equalization  Download (42MB) Mp3
 May 6, 2019, Special Meeting  Audit report  Download (66.4MB) Mp3
 May 6, 2019  
 Download (233MB) Mp3
 May 15, 2019 Special Meeting in South Naknek  2nd budget reading and public comment
 Download (144MB) Mp3
 May 24, 2019 Special Meeting  Community assistance Program  Download (6MB) Mp3
 June 3, 2019    Download (223MB) Mp3
 July 26, 2019 Special Meeting  Borough Fisheries Business Tax 1st reading  Download (28.6MB) Mp3
 August 5, 2019    Download (202MB) Mp3
 Workshop 9/3/19    Download (67.3MB) Mp3
 September 3, 2019    Download (190MB) Mp3
 Special Meeting September 16, 2019    Download (3.5MB) Mp3
 Special Meeting September 23, 2019    Download (44MB) Mp3
 Morning Workshop October 3, 2019  Borough Waste Water System Review  Download (248MB) Mp3
 Afternoon Workshop October 3, 2019  Borough Waste Water System Review  Download (153MB) Mp3
 October 7, 2019    Download 220MB) Mp3
 October 28, 2019  Candidate Forum  Download 60MB) Mp3
 November 4, 2019    Download 242MB) Mp3
 December 3, 2019  Special Meeting  Download 11MB) Mp3
 January 13, 2020    Download 306MB) Mp3
 January 14, 2020  Conclusion of 1/13 Meeting  Download 35MB) Mp3
Special Meeting January 14, 2020 Shared Fisheries Business Tax  Download 6MB) Mp3
February 3, 2020    Download 199MB) Mp3
Special Assembly/Processor Meeting February 10, 2020  Power Point on Naknek Sewer presented by John Lowrance  Download 123MB) Mp3
Special Meeting March 2, 2020 Executive Session  Download 2MB) Mp3
March 2, 2020    Download 160MB) Mp3
Town Hall Meeting March 18, 2020  Coronavirus Pandemic  Download 144MB) Mp3
Special Meeting March 19, 2020 Telephonic Meetings  Download 112MB) Mp3
Special Meeting March 24, 2020 COVID-19  Download 120MB) Mp3
April 6, 2020    Download 151MB) Mp3
 April 20, 2020 Special Budget Meeting  2nd budget reading and public comment
 Download (28.3MB) Mp3
 April 22, 2020 Special COVID-19 Meeting  
 Download (123MB) Mp3
May 4, 2020    Download 156MB) Mp3
 May 14, 2020 Special Community Update Meeting  Community Update with State Officials
 Download (68.5MB) Mp3
June 1, 2020    Download 260MB) Mp3




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