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Fire / EMS

Bristol Bay Borough provides Volunteer Fire and Emergency Medical Services in each of its three communities. Deborah Jones is the EMS / Fire Department Coordinator, her email address is djones@bbbak.us. and her phone number is (907) 246-4224 ext.309. 

King Salmon, South Naknek, and Naknek each have Volunteer Firefighters and EMT's with apparatus appropriate for fire fighting and EMS needs. Each Volunteer Fire Station is headed by a Lieutenant. Training is usually combined to include interested volunteers from each of the three locations.

Each community stores and performs minor maintenance on its own equipment in heated Fire Stations. The Fire Department also staffs three ambulances, one for each community. At this time we provide Basic Life Support Services, with some Advanced Life Support Responders. There are approximately 10 year-round EMS volunteers. In the summer months, the peak call-out season, our local volunteers are augmented by a seasonal hired staff of 3 to 4 EMT's. Patients are transported to the Camai Community Health Center in Naknek.

The Fire Department is headed by a paid Fire Chief. Volunteers receive stipends for call-outs, medi-vacs, and training sessions required to maintain certification. In addition up to eight EMS volunteers are encouraged to attend the annual Southern Region EMS Symposium, while a similar number of Fire Service Volunteers are encouraged to attend an annual fire training symposium, in state.

The EMS / Fire Department Coordinator is directly responsible for all the Fire Department Operations.  All divisions such as Fire, EMS, Training and SAR all have division directors that report directly to the EMS / Fire Coordinator all operational needs and requests.

The Bristol Bay Borough Fire Department would like to extend a deep gratitude to all of the department members currently. We would also like to extend an invitation to the residents of Bristol Bay Borough to become a part of the team here at the Bristol Bay Borough Fire Department. Please email the EMS / Fire Coordinator to set up a time to place an application to become a valuable volunteer for the community.

The Borough's current ISO rating is 8B-10. The 8B rating is within 5 miles of the Naknek Fire Station and we are working to improve the ISO rating in the rest of the Borough.






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