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The Borough Manager acts as the Chief Administrative Officer for the Borough, serving the communities of Naknek, King Salmon and South Naknek at the pleasure of the Borough Assembly. The Manager is responsible for the daily administration of all Borough affairs in his charge, by law or by ordinance. In addition, the Manager appoints all Borough department heads and is charged with the suspension, removal or review of any of those employees in his charge, as the manager he also serves as the Borough's personnel officer.

The Manager is responsible for the preparation and presentation to the Assembly of the annual Borough budget and the annual capital projects program. He is also charged with the management of the annual budget and the capital projects program as approved by the Assembly, and is required to provide the Assembly with an annual financial audit. In addition, the Manager examines, at least monthly, the Borough's financial accounts, records, and operations of each department. He passes that information on to the Assembly along with any knowledge of future needs. He also reports to the Assembly monthly on various Borough affairs.

The Manager's office is also responsible for the custody and care of the Borough's real and personal property, including all Borough-owned facilities and equipment, as well as oversight of any Borough leases, contracts, construction, maintenance and/or operations of its infrastructure.

The Manager prepares some of the reports to outside agencies and works with the outside auditors to facilitate the annual audited financial report. In addition much time is spent bringing together the requests of all departments to present a budget proposal to the Assembly. After several months working with the Assembly, the final budget is created. The Borough Manager is afforded the opportunity to participate in the discussion of all matters coming before the Assembly, but may not vote.





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